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New businesses that see value in quality design.
1-4 year old businesses ready to invest in quality branding.
5+ year old businesses looking for a high-level re-brand.
Any business looking to create an impactful brand that resonates with their ideal audience.

this service is ideal for

allow a timeline of 6 - 8 weeks


The studio's branding packages are fully cohesive and designed to work from the ground up to build a brand which is strategically conceived, beautiful to look at, and easy to implement across your entire business. 

With new brands being born every minute, the world has become increasingly averse to branding bullsh*t. Skin deep brands aren't nearly enough. We crave meaning and purpose, a brand with its own hopes and dreams. We want a brand with soul, a visual identity that speaks to us.

We’ll work together to handcraft a full brand identity and then apply it to a premium template or a custom website design, whatever is the best fit for you. Website packages are fully adaptable and customizable, and are based on your distinct needs. From there we can move to brand collateral for the full experience. *Website projects are  highly unique to each client, a discovery call is necessary to create a quote.

People will decide within 30 seconds if they want to stay on your website. Your corner of the online universe needs to speak to them in VOLUMES to make sure they stick around and learn more, is your site pulling its weight? Want it to?

website Design

Entrepreneurs/Businesses that feel their current website is not reflecting their goals or aesthetic and/or feel disconnected to their current online presence.
*Content and copy must be compiled and ready to be applied to a new design to move forward with this process.

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this service is ideal for

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Creative Direction & Strategy
UI / UX Design
Showit, Squarespace & Shopify Website Design
Brand Identity Application

Key web services offered

allow a timeline of 8+ weeks

Branding is the entry point to working together and clients are free to add on à la carte services like website design, print and/or digital collateral for a truly custom experience. There is no limit to what I can create for your brand - feel free to get in touch to discuss options. You can also see the above section to see some of the services most frequently requested. Occasionally there is the opportunity for like-minded clients and businesses to collaborate on one-off side pieces, just feel free to get in touch to see if we’re a good fit.


This can depend on a few different factors including how many projects I have on the go and how quickly you can complete your client homework. Things that can alter the timeline are: communication, unforeseen circumstances and ultimately creativity. Creativity is a process and your project may go a little quicker or slower than anticipated but is always completed by the end of the given timeline date. Depending on the package you choose the branding process typically takes 5-7 weeks from start to finish, while branding combined with website projects can take 12+ weeks.


Every client, and therefore every package, is unique. Because of this, we suggest booking a discovery call so we can discuss how we can help address your vision and goals and whether we’d be a good fit. A custom investment package is created based on the call and will outline and include everything discussed. That being said, typically most of my clients fall in around the $4 - $10K range, depending on what level of design/service is required. Packages are of a very high quality and prepare you for success for many years to come, which is reflected in the investment rate.

01   What does a typical investment/project cost?

Our goal is to provide each brand, company or project with a solid, recognizable and unique identity. We approach each project as if it were our own, regardless of size or geographic location.

We typically don’t build out or create websites or collateral for brands that we haven’t developed. There is a more holistic and highly focused approach when the brand is created from the ground up with one complete strategy and vision – it guarantees that the styling, design and messaging is cohesive and driven with your business as the foundation.   


I believe that creating a full brand identity for your business is far more effective than just a logo. By creating a full visual identity: multiple versions of your logo, custom colour palette, brand font pairing, imagery direction and custom brand collateral, you’re giving your brand higher chances of being remembered, trusted and profitable. Going through a quality branding process will nurture your true authenticity, set the foundation of your brand, and create high value that will ultimately resonate with your customers and make you stand out from the crowd.


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