Len Miller specializes in still life photography with a unique style and exceptional techniques.

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Len Miller

Creating a healthier and happier world by spreading goodness through nourishing food and beverages.

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Wildings Organics

Sophea believes in the value of organic skincare and natural ingredients.


An organic skincare line focused on creating products that value humans, the environment and animals.


A style brand that is environmentally aware and supports the countertrend toward sustainable fashion.

Hunt Gather

Geminibox creates small batch stunning and hand-crafted, ethical and sustainably sourced jewelry.


Hunter & Mane is a creative space for you to experience laid back luxury and an elevated experience.

Hunter & Mane

An innovative, luxury interior design and decor company creates inspired spaces for children and their parents.

Sand & Soul

An organic skincare line focused on creating products that value humans, animals, and the environment.


Late Bloomers is an urban artisan flower and plant shop specializing in high-end events and occasions. 

Late Bloomers

Invest in jewelry that grows with you through any season. Timeless, transitional and true to you.


Branding doesn’t end at a logo. I take pride in specializing in all possible touch points beyond — from branding assets to website design and everything in between. I believe in being a creative partner to my clients through every step of the process - aligning inspiration, business goals and creating holistic and memorable experiences.

Branding / Visual Identity /  website design 

selected works

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